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Get stoked for the next round of resort openings!
Get stoked for the next round of resort openings!

Opening days this week:

Snowbasin...Thanksgiving Day.  The Canyons...Friday the 27th.  Powder Mountain...Sunday the 29th.  Alta...still TBD.

And remember, if your favorite resort isn't open yet, this is still a good time to be practicing patience.  If you do get antsy and decide to go tromp around the terrain in one of the closed resorts, please remember that until the resort opens, that terrain is considered backcountry.  Be extremely careful, respect posted signage, and, for your own sake, ski/ride "gently" where the snow is freshly fallen and may have deceptively buried rocks/stumps right below the surface.  I have personally witnessed a couple of nasty crashes when friends of mine have unknowingly skied right into buried rocks.  Don't end your season before it begins!