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Frequently Asked Questions

"So it's just a bunch of amateur student forecasters putting out a mediocre forecast?"
No, the forecasts are conducted by graduate students who have already earned a M.S. or B.S. in Meteorology. Many of us have several years of forecasting experience under our belts already. Further, most organizations that provide weather forecasts focus on forecasts for population centers, and as a result don't have the resources to spend time producing a quality mountain weather forecast, let alone a ski area-specific forecast. At Utah Ski, ski forecasts are the only thing we do. All this results in a more accurate forecast than you will find elsewhere.

"So where does your revenue come from? Where are all the advertisements?"
The University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Science runs Utah Ski, and is comprised of approximately 15 students that help issue the daily forecasts as volunteers. This site does not earn any revenue, and the money to keep the site running comes from our student funding.

"Where can I get your forecast for myself?"
We would prefer you or whoever you know to visit our website to get their ski weather forecasts. However, we have now created tools to allow to use our forecast elsewhere, including the RSS feeds. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.